Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to install Picasa 3.5 for Linux

The thing is that I took some RAW photos with my new brand Canon 500d and I wanted to view them and edit under Linux.

First thing I did was compile the last version of dcraw and copy the binary to /usr/bin/ in my case using ubuntu. dcraw is the usual decoder that almost all programs use with Linux. This step is not really necessary to run Picasa 3.5 but it helps if you later want to configure other programs or add a plug in for gimp.

I was quite happy with Picasa, but when I tried to read CR2 raw files from the camera it showed a pink/magenta image instead the real one, so the fix to bring compatibility with the camera comes with the last 3.5 version, that Google has not released yet for Linux.
If you want to run latest 3.5 feautures for Linux, like face recognition and raw compatibility just follow the instructions under:


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