Saturday, May 01, 2010

Installing Ubuntu Lucid Lynx with no CD and encrypted home

Follow steps here to setup dhcp server and tftp server:

Download the netboot image and place it inside the proper directory:

Use a crossover cable to connect one pc to the other, or disable home router dhcp so there is no conflicts.

Dowload iso alternate disk from Ubuntu (important must be alternate) and place it inside your local web server /var/www/ubuntu/

sudo mkdir /var/www/ubuntu/ sudo mount -o loop /path/to/.iso /mnt sudo cp -a /mnt/* /var/www/ubuntu/

Then boot from network card on your client, the pc where you want to do the installation, and instead selecting a remote repository over the internet (they could fail, your local server not :-) ) Just select your local server repository as a ubuntu mirror something like:

Finish the installation and boot in your new system. If you have encrypted your home directory as I usually do, you may notice some issues regarding access to it, a message like "Could not update ICEauthority", you should be happy to notice it and observe that your home dir is not mounting, this is preventing that any other can read it even if they install another operating system.

So to fix it, just install the package ecryptfs-utils and run under terminal the nexts lines, so you can type your personal passphrase. First type your passphrase and then type your system password.

cd $HOME/.ecryptfs/
ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase wrapped-passphrase
tip from

Then reboot to go to a new login screen and log in normally, all your home settings will be there.

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