Saturday, September 10, 2011

workaround for skype without headphones on ubuntu lucid 64

I was having some issues with skype and making it work in Ubuntu without using headphones. My monitor has built in camera and microphone that makes much more easy any videoconference.
The main issue was a kind of strange noise mixed with the output sound and incoming video not appearing.

So for the first issue, the strange noise, I had to disable pulseaudio by:
creating a client.conf in your .pulse dir in ~ and put the line "autospawn=no" in it. It would be good to turn back on autospawn after you have done what you need to do.

To enable incoming video make sure cairo-dock is disabled, for some reason there is a bug that makes it interfere with X11 and skype.

But when re-running pulseaudio to get all controls back I get missing options, that I cannot figure out yet how to get, didnt spent more time on it, as this is an skype issue. Gmail video web conference have no problem at all with pulseaudio.

dani@mypc:~$ /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog
dani@mypc:~$ start-pulseaudio-x11

So had to comment out again the autospawn so pulse audio spawn during boot. At least useful to know it if someday for some reason you need to use skype.

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